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Click Here to learn more about the small tinder box by James Glynn

Small Tinder Box




North Church Signal Lantern by American Folk Artist James Glynn
New Designs
18th Century Lanterns & Candle Stands & Lanterns

Handcrafted Tin Lighting by Tinsmith James Glynn
Museum Quality Reproductions
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Snuffer Light - click here to learn more!
North Church Signal Lantern by American Folk Artist James Glynn
NEW - Large based battery candle - click here for shopping cart and detail description
#501 - Snuffer Candle Light for that unique primitive look
12'Hx 4"W - $45
#320 - North Church Signal Lantern as featured in the June 2009 issue of EAL
16"h x 6"w - $160
Large Battery Candle
in unique primitive stand
9"h x 8'w - $48

#309 - Welcome Candle Light in a Primitive Candle Stand
15"H x 7"W - $40


The colonial tinsmiths were extremely creative in their work and Master Tinsmith James Glynn’s handcrafted candle stands, and lanterns are lighting fixtures that tries very hard to continue with designer lighting ideas. All designs are adaptable to whatever size is required and we welcome new ideas for country, colonial, rustic or modern interior lighting.

Please contact James Glynn if you have any questions or suggestions about creating unique punched tin designs for your home.

If you are searching the Internet for primitive lighting fixtures that provide that unique lighting look then lighting fixtures by James Glynn is the site for you.